Griot's - Fast Correcting Cream- B110P

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Utilizing high loads of sub-micron abrasives, BOSS™ Fast Correcting Cream quickly removes severe defects while adding depth and clarity.

  • Engineered to eliminate the most severe defects
  • Prepares your paint for perfecting or sealing
  • Formulated for quick, easy wipe-off

If your paint is tore up from the floor up our BOSS Fast Correcting Cream will make quick work of removing the most severe defects, adding depth and clarity to your paint. This is the bottle you reach for when you have a lot of serious scratches, swirls, and oxidation then, for future polishing sessions, you will likely move to a less aggressive formula as you prepare your paint for perfecting and sealing. A BOSS Fast Correcting Foam Pad or Microfiber Fast Cutting Pad, our most aggressive BOSS pads, are recommended for use with BOSS Fast Correcting Cream. However, the Best Of Show System® is designed so you can use a softer BOSS pad to reduce the aggressiveness of the cream. We’ve poured over 27 years of pursuing perfection in each bottle of BOSS cream we produce so you can cut to the chase when it comes your paint correction journey.