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1962, John Rock was helping his father, Tom Rock, on one of his business trips up to Fresno, California. Back then, he sold all types of supplies to car washes, and one of the items was a vacuum nozzle; quite heavy and made of aluminum. As I was unloading supplies out of his truck, the car wash employee manning the vacuum missed the vacuum hanger, and the heavy nozzle cracked the windshield and then chipped the paint on a customer’s car. Needless to say, an argument ensued as to what had just happened.

Tom started a new idea in the vac nozzle world, and the plastic nozzle was born.

All Mr Nozzle products are made from High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) or Low-Density Polyethylene. Both materials offer great impact resistance and are fully recyclable.

The process of manufacturing these products is known as Blow Molding. Blow Molding is a popular process in the packaging industry which many bottles are made for various pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, chemicals, and food companies.

Mr nozzle also provides various vacuum attachments that include vacuum hose, vacuum hose cuffs and attachments.

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