Collection: Flex Tools

Polishing without compromises

FLEX polishers have always been the benchmark for professional surface finishing. Whether for boat polishing, aircraft polishing, motorbike or car polishing and car detailing, FLEX polishing machines make every surface shine.

FLEX supplies both mains-operated polishers for work in the workshop and cordless polishers for flexible use anywhere. Whether it's for car polishing, aircraft polishing or boat polishing, our machines make proper polishing and paint preparation possible any time and anywhere.

FLEX offers an ideal polishing system in the shape of polishing machines, pads and polishes. Other products are also at the user's disposal to get the best results from the paintwork polish. From the lamp for perfect surface lighting to the cordless drill driver and the compact vacuum cleaner, the FLEX system for the automotive sector covers all bases when it comes to car reconditioning.