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Pro - Awesome Orange- AA0-500

Pro - Awesome Orange- AA0-500

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Features and Benefits

AAO-500 Awesome Orange™ is a foaming, all purpose cleaner, degreaser and deodorizer. The formula blends a biodegradable, non-caustic, multi-purpose cleaner with natural citrus extracts, surfactants and coupling agents and then it is aerosoled for ready to use, convenience. Removes oil, grease, ink, scuff marks, lipstick, crayon marks, smoke film, carbon dust, wax & silicone residue, dirty hand prints, stains in fabric, upholstery and more. Cleans and controls odors in one step. Powerful enough to meet critical cleaning requirements in most industries, while being safe and nontoxic. The citrus aroma leaves a pleasant, clean scent with a deodorizing capacity to go along with a superior cleaning capability. The handy aerosol is compact and fits anywhere. It fills the need without worrying about open containers and pistol sprayers.

Recommended For

All purpose cleaning in automotive, industrial, janitorial and household applications. It is especially useful in the automotive detailing departments because it is non toxic and biodegradable. The strength of Awesome Orange™ is what gives it the edge over other products. Being an all purpose cleaner denotes the multiple tasks this fine product is capable of handling.

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