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A clear liquid that, once applied to the front of your vehicle, dries completely to form a temporary, protective coating. Helps prevent paint damage from bug kill, insect residue, road contaminants and rock chips. Bug Guard™ is a biodegradable liquid that is safe and easy to use. Simply spray on surface and allow to dry. That's it! Bugs and contaminants stick to coating, not your finish. Great for transporting show cars as well as high traffic trucks, sport utilities, vans, motorcycles, rental cars, fleet vehicles, dealer demos, commercial vehicles, truckers, buses, police cars, fire engines, ambulances, farm equipment and more.
Product Details: Ready To Use Non-Flammable Biodegradable VOC Compliant Water Base Body Shop Safe pH: 7.3 Color: Clear Fragrance: Floral
Features & Benefits: Clear, Temporary Protective Coating Protects Vehicle's Front Grille, Fascia& Paint Finsh Against Bugs, Insects, Rock Chips and Road Grime Spray On, Let Dry & Rinse Off Use Together With PRO® C-71 Bug Remover
Application: Spray Bug Guard™ evenly on clean, dry surface (front part of hood, grille and lower front fascia). Allow to dry completely (approx. 5-10 minutes) before driving vehicle. Dries to high gloss, transparent coating. For faster drying, apply Bug Guard™ by wiping on surface with sponge. For best results, apply 2nd coat after 1st coat has dried completely. Remove Coating: Spray PRO® C-71 Bug Remover or water, agitate with wash mitt or bug sponge and rinse treated area thoroughly with high pressure water. Washing treated area or hard rain will also remove coating. Not intended for long term protection. Rinse coating off after 30 days of initial application on vehicle.
Helpful Tips: Keep from freezing (32 ºF/0 ºC). For best results, wash vehicle exterior using PRO® C-60 Super Car Wash. Make sure surface is completely dry before applying Bug Guard™. Not for use on windshields.