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Pro - Bumper Renewer - S-68

Pro - Bumper Renewer - S-68

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Features and Benefits

S-68 Bumper Renewer is a thick, clear, wipe on protectant formulated to restore new life and luster to dull rubber and vinyl surfaces. Bumpers require a special, rich dressing due to the fact that they are dark in color and are exposed to direct sunlight. Their exposure causes them to absorb heat more rapidly, dry out and become white. Bumper Renewer's high grade silicone fluid revitalizes and protects rubber and plastic bumpers, molding and trim while leaving a high gloss finish. This fast drying liquid forms a binding, non-tacky finish that will not collect dust. It provides protection against the harmful effects of the sun, rain and snow. It's non-flammable formula is water repellant and detergent resistant which means it will withstand repeated washings.

Recommended For

Bumper Renewer is designed to preserve, protect and slow down the deterioration process of rubber and vinyl surfaces. Use S-68-Q on both interiors and exteriors. Excellent on all bumpers, moldings, trim, door handles and mirror housings. Leaves a high gloss weather resistant finish.

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