CASTLE® PLEXO™ Anti-Static Plastic Glass Cleaner

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Castle Plexo is a gentle, fast-acting, easy to use plastic glass cleaner. Plastic glass requires its own special cleaner, with no harsh chemicals or abrasives to scratch and discolor it. Plexo leaves plastic glass clean, static free and resistant to fogging. Plexo can be used from TV screens, phone screens, safety shields, plastic windshields, motorcycle windshields, all plastic eye protection, plexiglass, plastic counters, RV windshields and windows, automobile windshields, plastic helmet visors AND MORE! Just spray the outside edges of the glass or plastic and an X over the center. With a clean cloth, clean from the outside edge in. Turn the cloth over and wipe the remainder of plastic. This will prevent streaking and leave your glass or plastic looking pristine!