Flex- Cordless Blower Tool Only- BW 18.0-EC- 478105

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Introducing the Flex Cordless Blower Tool – your all-in-one solution for swift drying! This set packs everything you need, including the Blower Tool itself, a 5.0 amp battery pack, charger, bonus nozzle accessories, and a handy carrying case! With its brushless motor, turbo fan, and variable speeds, drying your vessel is a breeze – literally! Say goodbye to towel-drying woes because this blaster gets the job done in half the time!

Forget bulky leaf blowers – the Cordless Blower Tool is tailor-made for your vessel's surfaces. Its brushless motor ensures efficient battery use and durability, while its cordless design offers unmatched convenience. With its high-powered fan, water spots don't stand a chance! And thanks to its lightweight build and balanced design, maneuvering around tight spots is a breeze. No more water hiding behind decals or in doorjambs!

With a max speed of 178.95 MPH and 3.1 m3/min CFM, water vanishes in the blink of an eye! Plus, it's compatible with FLEX Batteries and chargers, so you can power up with ease. Already have batteries and a charger? No problem – grab just the cordless blower tool and get blasting!