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Cream Wire Wheel Spoke Brush

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$6.11 USD

The Small Wire Wheel Brush gets between tight spokes to clean the hard to get to areas where other brushes simply can't fit. When wheels get hot, brake dust and road grime get baked on. You need a brush that safely and effectively agitate and loosen the grime without scratching the wheels surface.

The Small Wire Wheel Brush has Cream Polyproplyne Bristles for safe, yet effective cleaning. These bristles are chemical resistant so you can use this brush with your favorite wheel cleaner or all purpose cleaner with excellent results. Use the Small Wire Wheel Brush in the tight areas where other brushes can't reach!

11.25" Total length with Easy-grip plastic handle
Cream Polyproplyne Bristles taper from 2" down to 1" diameter
Ideal for cleaning brake dust and road grime from between tight spokes