SM Arnold - Cream Wire Wheel Spoke Brush- 85-632

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The Small Wire Wheel Brush is specially designed to tackle those hard-to-reach areas between tight spokes, where standard brushes struggle to fit. As wheels heat up during use, brake dust and road grime become stubbornly baked onto the surface, requiring a brush that can effectively agitate and loosen this buildup without causing scratches or damage.

Featuring Cream Polypropylene Bristles, the Small Wire Wheel Brush offers a safe yet powerful cleaning solution. These bristles are engineered to resist chemicals, allowing you to pair the brush with your preferred wheel cleaner or all-purpose cleaner for outstanding results. Whether it's brake dust or road grime, this brush is adept at reaching the inaccessible areas where other brushes fail.

Measuring 11.25 inches in total length, the brush boasts an easy-grip plastic handle for comfortable use. Its Cream Polypropylene Bristles taper from a 2-inch diameter down to 1 inch, ensuring thorough cleaning even in the tightest spots between spokes. From tackling brake dust to removing road grime, this brush is your ideal companion for maintaining pristine wheels.