SM Arnold - Dual Purpose Detail Brush - 85-653

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Introducing our versatile dual brush, designed to tackle minor stains on seats and carpets with ease, while also offering precision cleaning in tight cracks and crevices. One side features a thin, small brush head, perfect for accessing narrow spaces that larger brushes can't reach, ensuring no corner is left untouched.

Crafted with nylon bristles that strike the perfect balance between stiffness and softness, this brush effectively removes grime without causing damage. Its stiff bristles provide robust cleaning power, effortlessly lifting away stains and dirt from upholstery and carpet fibers, while remaining gentle enough to prevent unsightly scratches or abrasions.

Whether you're addressing spills, dirt, or debris, our dual brush is your go-to tool for maintaining a pristine interior. With its thoughtful design and durable construction, it's an essential addition to any cleaning arsenal, promising exceptional results without compromising on the integrity of your surfaces.