Duraslic- Flow X Ceramic Coating Topper 180 mL Bottle- FlowX

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Formulated with DuraSlic’s SuperSlic technology, FlowX is the ultimate topper to a ceramic coating. FlowX was born from industry feedback- a desire for a coating that left behind a silky smooth finish. Along with the satisfying feel, FlowX also protects against water spots, leaving a more complete finish than ever. Adding FlowX makes any vehicle a breeze to clean up during maintenance wash. Whether it’s used in tandem with DuraSlic Xtreme or as a standalone spray, FlowX is ready to roll.

  • Compatible with any ceramic coating
  • Easy to apply spray gets your job done quicker
  • Drastically lowers surface sliding angle so contaminants roll right off
  • Makes maintenance washes effortless
  • Adds pristine gloss, shine, and slickness
  • Lasts up to 1 year as a standalone