Pro - Engine Compartment Paint A-4311

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This engine paint renews the appearance of engine compartments and hoses, belts, cables, wires, distributors, radiators, fire walls, tires, fender wells, tools, equipment, machinery, rubber floor mats and more. Lays down a semi-gloss coating that provides long lasting beauty and protection. 

Product Details: VOC Compliant Body Shop Safe Ready To Use NPE Free Phosphate Free Color: Variety Fragrance: Unscented

Features & Benefits: Heat Resistant to Temperatures up to 500°F Excellent Adhesion and Coverage Fanspray Valve Which Provides Wide, Even Spray Pattern Smooth, Consistent Finish

Application: Shake well before using. Read label before use. See SDS for more information. Hold can in upright position, 8-12 inches (20-30 cm) from surface. Point opening of spray button toward object to be painted. Surface must be clean and dry before painting. Shake can at least one minute before and occasionally during use. Spray thin mist directly on surface with steady, back and forth motion, releasing spray button after each stroke. Allow to air dry. Once dry, it can be machine or hand buffed for an even glossier appearance. After painting, turn can upside down and spray for two seconds to clear spray button.

Helpful Tips: Keep from freezing (32 ºF/0 ºC). For best results, can and material should be at room temperature, 70˚F - 90˚F (21˚ - 32˚C). Two thin coats are preferable to one heavy coat. If clogging develops, turn spray button 1/4 turn or remove and clean button slot.