Flex - 12V/18V LED DETAILING LIGHT - 492698

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Introducing the FLEX DWL 2500 12/18 LED light, your secret weapon for spotting swirls as if you had the power of the sun in your garage! Contains 5 customizable brightness and color temperature settings to match your detailing needs perfectly.

Featuring super-bright LEDs that pump out up to 3000 lumens and keep shining for a whopping 30 hours straight, this light is a powerhouse. Plus, with its Bluetooth app, you can control up to four lights at once and adjust brightness across five levels.

With its all-daylight function, you can fine-tune the color temperature from 2500k to 6500k, ensuring precise adjustments for every job. Perfect for inspecting paint surfaces, identifying colors, and spotting flaws like holograms and scratches. And hey, it even doubles as a power bank!

Built tough for heavy-duty use, the FLEX DWL 2500 is your go-to gadget for all your detailing adventures.