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Fogit's active ingredient is CLO2 which works by creating a chemical reaction which releases an invisible "vapor" that attacks and destroys the odor causing molecules. This "vapor" creeps into cracks, crevices and even treats the car's cabin filters deodorizing every surface that it "touches" Anyone can mask or cover up the odor using fancy fragrances but Fogit destroys the cause of the offensive odor leaving behind a slight aroma resembling a freshly cleaned bathroom or indoor pool. This slight aroma shows that the product worked and will completely dissipate within a few hours

You may be familiar with similar products that claim to disinfect, deodorize, or vaporize problem smells. What makes the A-200PRO Kit better is that you only need one hour to treat most vehicles, depending on size. You read that right—ONE HOUR! The closest competition takes three hours to treat…some even require overnight treatment. Our fast, effective solution will help your professional detailing business move vehicles quickly with a solution that is permanent.