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Product Features

  • Formulated with Brazilian Carnauba Wax
  • Ultra final finish liquid wax
  • Leaves long lasting deep gloss shine
  • Easy to use, spray and wipe formula
  • VOC compliant, contains no solvent
  • Pleasant banana fragrance 

Golden Mist™ Carnauba Spray Wax

Finally a long lasting spray wax!  Golden Mist™ Carnauba Spray Wax is a truly innovative final finishing wax that offers paste wax results in a spray and wipe solution.  Its non-hazing, liquid solution is easily applied and removed.  Golden Mist™ Carnauba Spray Wax requires no intensive rubbing or buffing like traditional finish waxes.  Contains premium ingredients like Brazilian Carnauba Wax and co-polymers combined to repel water, and provide a deep shine with long lasting protection.  Golden Mist™ Carnauba Spray Wax fills in and hides minor swirls and hairline scratches, while adding color an depth to all types of pre-cleaned paint finishes.  Contains no abrasives or solvents.

Product Details: VOC Compliant NPE Free Phosphate Free pH: 8.3 Color: Light Yellow Fragrance: Banana

Features & Benefits: Ultra Final Finish Liquid Wax Easy to Use, Spray & Wipe Formula Repels Water Leaves a Lasting Deep Gloss Shine Safe on All Types of Paint Finishes

Application: Shake well before using. Read label before use. See SDS for more information. Spraying: Work small sections at a time. Apply directly to the surface with a pistol sprayer. Using a clean, micro fiber towel, spread product evenly and wipe surface with light pressure. As product dries, turn cloth and wipe to a high gloss. Wiping: Spray onto micro fiber towel or wax applicator and then apply to surface, spreading product evenly and wiping with light pressure. As product dries, use another clean micro fiber towel to wipe the surface. Turn towel regularly and hand polish to a high gloss, wet look finish.

Helpful Tips: Keep from freezing (32 ºF/0 ºC). Do not apply in direct sunlight or onto a hot surface. For best results, preclean finish to remove contaminants and to condition paint. Polish one section at a time