Griots- Brilliant Finish Foam Cannon- 51185

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Effortlessly create rich, clinging foam to remove dirt and enhance gloss with your pressure washer by adding pre-mixed car wash solution. The foam cannon's precision-machined aluminum manifold ensures long-lasting performance and resistance to chemicals. It fits the included 33.8 oz jar, and Griot's Garage 22 & 35 oz bottles, making it convenient and versatile. Adjust the spray pattern easily with double-shot rubber nozzle grips, allowing for customized application. The flexible silicone pick-up tube ensures consistent chemical flow, providing reliable performance during use. Additionally, it comes with an electroplated Quick Coupler compatible with most quick-release fittings, enhancing its usability.

The Brilliant Finish™ Foam Cannon transforms your car wash into a powerful foam that removes dirt without causing scratches. Simply foam on, let it sit, then rinse off for a scratch-free wash. It's loaded with premium features like a corrosion-resistant aluminum manifold and a rifled barrel for enhanced foam production, ensuring efficiency and effectiveness. The adjustable nozzle offers wide coverage or long-range dispensing, giving you control over the application process. Adjust the foam output with the chemical flow valve, allowing for precise customization according to your needs. Plus, it comes with stainless steel jets for electric and gas pressure washers, ensuring compatibility and versatility.