Griots- G9 Random Orbital Polisher 6 inch- 10901

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The feature-rich G9 showcases meticulous attention to detail—the subtle nuances that elevate ordinary tools to greatness. Boasting unparalleled comfort and balance, it stands as the most ergonomically designed orbital polisher we've ever crafted. With a formidable 1,000-watt motor and a 9mm orbit, it efficiently removes defects with precision and ease. Its innovative patent-pending fan-cooled counterbalance extends the lifespan of both the tool and the pad, ensuring long-lasting performance. The detachable cord simplifies tool storage, adding to its user-friendly design. Equipped with a 6" vented backing plate, it offers versatility for various detailing tasks. Furthermore, it can effortlessly transition to utilize our 5" backing plate and pad family, further enhancing its adaptability and functionality.