SM Arnold - Horse Hair Detail Brush Toothbrush - 85-647

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Featuring a user-friendly 'finger-grip' plastic block filled with Natural Horsehair, our Toothbrush Style Horsehair Detail Brush is engineered for precision cleaning in the smallest and most inaccessible areas of your vehicle's carpet and upholstery. This thoughtfully designed brush ensures comfortable handling and maximum control as you target dirt and grime in tight spaces.

Crafted with Natural Horsehair bristles, this brush offers gentle yet effective cleaning power, making it perfect for delicate surfaces like carpet and upholstery. Its compact size and precise bristle arrangement allow you to reach areas that traditional brushes can't access, ensuring a thorough and comprehensive cleaning experience throughout your vehicle's interior.

Whether you're tackling stubborn stains or performing routine maintenance, our Toothbrush Style Horsehair Detail Brush is your trusted companion for achieving professional-quality results with ease. Say goodbye to dirt and debris in those hard-to-reach places, and enjoy a refreshed and revitalized automotive interior like never before.