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Features and Benefits
For over 30 years, Miracle Wax™ was the standard by which all cleaner waxes were measured. Miracle Wax™ cream has the same high quality ingredients that made Miracle Wax™ such a success. This rich, creamy blend of carnauba and other fine imported waxes, coupled with two durable polymer resins, leaves a deep lustrous finish. Miracle Wax™ offers superior protection from oxidation, sun fading, harsh detergents, salt, tree sap and bird droppings. Just one Miracle Wax™ application will clean, wax and protect the vehicle with the most remarkable shine. 

Recommended For

Miracle Wax™ is designed to produce a brilliant, long lasting shine on all finishes, including chrome, fiberglass and plastic. 

High Speed Buffer: Use with a 1500-2500rpm buffer. Apply sparingly to buffing pad. Spread uniformly on paint surface before buffing. Buff with adequate pressure. As product dries, reduce pressure and burnish to a high gloss finish using a VC-80-C wool cutting pad for deep cleaning and polishing or a VF-85-C Foam Polishing Pad for light to medium buffing.