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Non-Silicone Rubber Dressing

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Features and Benefits

S-95 Non-Silicone Rubber Dressing is an all purpose ready to use, rubber dressing designed specially for those who wish not to or cannot use silicone based dressings. S-95 is a moderate gloss, water base formula designed to restore the "new look" to rubber, vinyl and plastic.

Contains no silicones, petroleum distilliates or toxins elminating fisheye, fire and harzardous problems.  S-95 is completely non-flammable, non-toxic and biodegradable.  Contains a pleasent bubble gum fragrance.

Recommended For

S-95 is recommend for body/paint shops, detail shops, dealerships, car washes and auto auctions.  Use S-95 Non-Silicone Rubber Dressing on all types of interior (except leather) and exterior items such as: tires, dashboard, console, mouldings, bumpers, trim ect... Also great as an engine compartment dressing making blets, hoses and wires look like new.