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P-39 Polymer II™ Paint Sealant is a high quality paint sealant that offers deep gloss, long lasting term protection for all types of paint. Gloss enhancing agents offer depth of shine and clarity like a wax, yet Polymer II™ Paint Sealant is not a wax and does not contain wax. Waxes lay on the surface of the paint and provide limited protection against the elements. Ultra violet rays, salt air, snow, sleet, insects, road film, harsh detergents, environment pollution and corrosive acids contained in rain, morning dew and fog can break down typical wax products much faster then a true polymer sealant. Polymer II™ Paint Sealant is an easy to use liquid that utilizes two durable, amino functional silicone resins that cure to form a continuous film. This film penetrates .005 mils into the painted surface, physically bonding to the paint, sealing in the deep gloss finish for months of long lasting beauty and protection. Polymer II™ Paint Sealant contains mild cleaning agents that remove oxidation and contamination while leaving behind this durable high gloss coating.

 Product Details: VOC Compliant NPE Free Phosphate Free pH: 9.2 Color: Dark Beige Fragrance: Cherry

Features & Benefits: Premium Grade Polymers Seal In a Deep Gloss Shine Protects Against Fading, Oxidation, Acid Rain, Fallout, Insects & Bir Droppings Provides Maximum Protection for Up to Six Months Contains PTFE (aka Teflon®) to Reduce Friction Buildup Application: Shake well before using. Read label before use. See SDS for more information. Hand Use: Apply product to a clean microfiber wax applicator and spread evenly over small area of painted surface, rubbing well in a circular motion. Let dry to a haze (2 min.) and wipe off with a clean microfiber towel. Polish by hand to a high gloss, turning towel while wiping down. D/A Polisher: Use a PRO® YU-6 Yellow Polish/Finish Pad. Apply product to pad. Set D/A polisher speed to 3-4. Turn on polisher and buff with adequate pressure, spreading product evenly over surface. As product disappears, reduce pressure and polish to a glossy finish. Clean pad often to remove contaminants. High Speed Buffer: Use a PRO® WV-85-C White Foam Finish Pad. Apply product to pad and spread evenly over small area of paint surface before buffing. Buff with adequate pressure at 1200-2000 rpm. As product disappears, reduce pressure and polish to a high gloss. Clean pad often to remove contaminants. Helpful Tips: Keep from freezing (32 ºF/0 ºC). Do not apply in direct sunlight or onto a hot surface. For best results, preclean finish to remove contaminants and to condition paint. Polish one section at a time.