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Features and Benefits

S-92 Premo™ Dressing and Protectant is a high grade, water base dressing & protectant that is sure to win the heart of detailers. This Premium Vinyl & Rubber Dressing utilizes high viscosity silicones to produce a rich, high gloss, long lasting shine on interiors and exteriors. Premo™ Dressing has all the protective qualities (water repellant-detergent resistant) of all our other fine dressings plus a pleasant cherry fragrance. In addition, Premo™ Dressing contains UV inhibitors to shield out harmful effects of the sun, such as fading, hardening and cracking. Premo™ is a conditioning restorer that softens, brightens and renews faded surfaces of vinyl, rubber and plastic. This ultimate protectant gives surfaces that wet look shine. Because it has more gloss, it has more protectant, so it lasts longer too.

Recommended For

S-92 Premo™ Dressing will give an extra high gloss to everything from rubber, vinyl or plastic. It is ideal for all types of automotive applications. Use on tires, bumpers, moldings, trim, vinyl tops & seats, interior plastic, rubber mats and dashboards. Prevents drying, cracking, fading and hardening of rubber, plastic and vinyl surfaces on both interiors and exteriors. Premo™  is the perfect dressing to use anytime a super high gloss is desired.