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California Orange is a concentrated, organic bug & tar remover. Surfactants and coupling agents allow this concentrated remover to dilute and rinse easily in water. Blended from natural citrus oils, it's powerful enough to meet all critical cleaning requirements, while still being safe and non-toxic. Removes biological residues, such as insect residue, bee pollen, and tree sap. Also removes dirt, tar, asphalt, and other road contaminants. BODY SHOP SAFE.

Product Details: Concentrated VOC Compliant Body Shop Safe NPE Free Phosphate Free pH: N/A Color: Colorless Fragrance: Orange

Features & Benefits: Low VOC Solvent - Powerful, Organic Bug & Tar Remover Quickly Removes Bug Residue, Road Grime, Tar, Wax Silicone & Adhesive Made From Natural Citrus Oil Extracts Environmentally Friendly Formula - Leaves No Film or Residue Meets CARB/OTC/LADCO Regulations

Application: Shake well before using. Read label before use. See SDS for more information. Wiping: Saturate a clean cloth with California Orange™ and wipe the surface thoroughly to remove contaminants. While surface is still wet, wipe off immediately with a clean, dry cloth. Stubborn areas may require a second application. Bug Removal (dilute 3:1): Spray, brush or wipe onto affected area and agitate with brush/sponge. Rinse clean with high pressure water. Road Grime (dilute 5:1): Saturate a clean, white cloth with product and wipe the affected area. While surface is still wet, wipe off immediately with a clean, dry cloth.

Helpful Tips: Keep from freezing (32 ºF/0 ºC). Not for use on leather surfaces. If left on surface for prolonged period of time, it may damage paint film. Dilute with water as directed. Develops a milky appearance when diluted.