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Pro Gold

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Features and Benefits

P-34 Progold® is a professional formulation that contains polymers and copolymers which produce a deep, lustrous shine with excellent water beading and detergent resistant characteristics. P-34 Progold® buffs with ease without leaving swirls, streaks or smears. The ultimate one step cream wax that leaves a long lasting, protective finish that resists the damaging effects of water, sun, salt, air pollutants and detergent washings. P-34 Progold® also contains mild cleaners and color brighteners which restore deep color and leave a clear, mirror like depth finish. Brightens dull surfaces and resists wax build up. P-34 Progold® has a very fast buffing time.

Recommended For

P-34 Progold® removes fine scratches, swirl marks, light oxidation and minor imperfections. Fills cobweb and hairline cracks. P-34 Progold® is safe for all types of painted surfaces. It is highly recommended for clear coat finishes.