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Features and Benefits

This is another specialty item from PRO® to make detailers jobs a lot easier. Seat Belt Cleaner and Spot Remover is a nonflammable and non hazardous concentrated cleaner that safely removes dirt, oil, grease and stains from seat belts, upholstery and more. It has a strong formula that releases the built up dirt and grease that makes seat belts look unsightly. Breaking down grease is a tough job and this product has proven that it has no equal when it comes to quick and easy cleaning of tough spots in carpets and upholstery. Most seat belts are made of a nylon type of material, very tightly woven. It doesn't want to give up the dirt without a fight. The same goes for stains. Just a quick application of C-28 Seat Belt Cleaner and Spot Remover and you will see the amazing results. Remember, it is non-caustic, so it will not harm the fibers. C-28 Seat Belt Cleaner and Spot Remover is a very handy product to keep around the shop.  It can be used to remove unexpected spots or grease when detailers or mechanics are working in and around the interior of vehicles.

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C-28 Seat Belt Cleaner and Spot Remover was developed mainly for cleaning of seat belts but we found that it was so superior on upholstery, glass, chrome and mirror surfaces that we didn't want to limit the usage to just seat belts. You will find at various dilution ratios that it qualifies as a superb all purpose cleaner.