Pro - Super Glass Gleam - C-13

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Features and Benefits

C-13 Super Glass Gleam glass cleaner is a professionally balanced formula to not only clean glass but to enhance its beauty to the fullest. By using an alcohol base it is possible to add heavy duty cleaners and dryers to make this product very user friendly. Increased brightening agents give C-13 Super Glass Gleam glass cleaner the look that only professionals can administer. C-13 Super Glass Gleam glass cleaner is biodegradable. It will not smear or streak and leaves no film on glass surfaces. A mild fragrance has been added to please everyone and will make the lasting effects of this find product easy on the eyes and pleasant to savor. 

Recommended For

For special use by professionals in service stations, detail shops, car dealerships, body shops, auto auctions, car washes, households, restaurants, and anywhere else there is a need for clean glass.