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This thick, premium high foaming shampoo is formulated for extra duty cleaning. Chelating agents counteract hard water mineral deposits while foam stabilizers provide longer lasting sudsing action than regular duty shampoos. Safely and effectively washes away dirt, bugs, dust and road film. Its pH balanced to gently clean surface but not remove existing wax or polymer coatings. Concentrated 100:1 for economy. 

Product Details: Concentrated Biodegradable VOC Compliant Water Base Body Shop Safe NPE Free Phosphate Free pH: 7.7 Color: Blue Fragrance: Grape

Features & Benefits: Concentrated Up to 100:1 for Economy Super Sudsing Formula Designed for Hard Water Highly Active Foam Stabilizers Provide Longer Lasting Suds for Extra Duty Cleaning pH Balanced - Will Not Harm Previous Wax or Sealant Treatment

Application: Shake well before using. Read label before use. See SDS for more information. Dilute as indicated. May be diluted up to 100:1 with water. Normal Washing: Mix one ounce of Super Suds into one gallon of water. Heavy Duty Washing: Mix two ounces of Super Suds into one gallon of water. Wet surface of the vehicle thoroughly. Using a wash mitt or sponge, wash half vehicle at a time. Rinse vehicle thoroughly with water to remove all unwanted contaminants and dry using a PRO® B-90 Chamois or B-301 Nano Drying Cloth.

Helpful Tips: Keep from freezing (32 ºF/0 ºC). Do not apply to a hot surface or let dry on surface. Recommended for hand wash operations.